Price 800.00


A unique tour to the colorful island.

Start from the picturesque fishing village of Pollonia on an impressive excursion to the largest uninhabited island in the Mediterranean, Polyegos's distinctive geo-morphology, rocks like stalagmites and beaches with blue, blue, turquoise and aquamarine waters that will surely fascinate.

First stop for swimming: the famous beach called "Blue waters - Gulf Myrsini" of Polyegos global destination for yachts and yachts. We continue exploring the beautiful coastline Polyegos and beautiful, especially rocks Kokkinokavou where we stop for swimming and underwater exploration.

Next stop: the beautiful beach of Farou. Here we organize marine explorations, safari snorkeling tour (with equipment you provide us) and swim with you to introduce you to a beautiful underwater route. With us we have underwater camera to memorize the unique moments.

The day closes enjoying a sunset at sea with the particular colors on the horizon in front of us to Pollonia.